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Pediatric care

Whether your child needs a flu shot or just a yearly check-up, Sunrise Primary Care of Crescent City, FL will guide your child’s health on the right path.


Whether your son or daughter needs a physical for school or has a serious injury or illness, our caring staff is devoted to providing them with the best care in the area. And if we can't do it, we have the professional medical references to ensure everything can be done for your child.

Pave the path to a healthy life

Your child will leave with a smile

  • Immunizations and preventative care

  • Newborn care

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Minor emergencies

  • Skin care

  • Diagnosis

  • Physicals

  • Behavioral issues

New patients welcome

We’ll find time for your child

If your child has a fever or got hurt during a game, give us a call. We’ll always find time to fit your child in for a visit when they need medical care. We will do our best to make sure your child feels better as quick as possible.

Pediatric care

Give your children the healthy start they need in life